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  • Do you experience frequent muscle or joint pain?


    Do you avoid certain movements because they hurt?


    These are complaints we frequently hear from new clients. Sore forearms from typing. Neck and shoulder-aches from stress at work. Lower-back pain. Difficulty maintaining good posture.


    Before starting with us, many of our clients found themselves spending a lot of time and money trying to alleviate these symptoms through massage and physical therapy, often with poor results.


    The constant discomfort, tension and tenderness in the same familiar places was confusing and disheartening, preventing them from moving with confidence and performing at their best.

  • Why does this happen?

    While no single answer can encapsulate the individual experiences of every person, there are commonalities that we all share.

    Without getting too technical, humans move by engaging groups of muscles. To create optimal movement there is a delicate sequence in which these groups of muscles must engage.


    Running, for example, requires the muscles surrounding our feet, ankles, knees, hips, core, and even our shoulders and arms to all fire in precise order to drive us forward. Whilst many people are familiar with the main leg muscles that propel a runner, fewer are aware of the many muscles that stabilise our joints to ensure optimal movement efficiency.


    If these stabilising muscles are not working correctly we start to see problems emerging – our hips may start wobbling subtly or our knees buckling toward our mid-line, for example – which increases stress through our joints and leads to other muscles working harder to compensate for this unexpected deviation. Repeated over time this dysfunction leads to pain and potentially injury.


    Even more insidious are the chronic conditions that develop slowly such as slouched shoulders, a forward-head position, and repetitive strain injuries like those common in the hands and wrists of employees who spend long hours in front of computers.


    Sometimes these conditions are not yet painful but may still be limiting our fitness and lifestyle goals by making it harder to move well, look good and feel great.

  • Avoiding certain movements because they cause you discomfort no matter what you do?


    Feel like something is limiting your progress, or just not quite right?


    Book a complimentary Clarity Call, and join me for a Movement & Strength Assessment ($129)


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  • How can The Squat Mechanic Approach help?


    Stu's been in this industry a long time. From the moment he started out he was fortunate to be able to work with a broad clientele ranging from elite athletes to octogenarians, and as his experience broadened he started to notice patterns in the ways in which his clients experienced dysfunctional movement. Old, young, strong, weak, fit, fat – if they experienced chronic pain, there were patterns.



    He began to develop his approach to address these dysfunctional movements and found that as movement quality increased, not only did performance improve but chronic pain often reduced.



    One client saw the techniques he was developing and invited him to work in her chiropractic clinic to assist patients suffering neck, shoulder and back pain. This led Stu to further improve his understanding of these dysfunctional movement patterns and how best to address them.



    The Squat Mechanic Approach has emerged from Stu's indefatigable need to make the most enduring impact on the life of every client, and his relentless pursuit for answers to every client problem that stands between him and optimal movement.



    Thanks to Stu's now 15+ year career, his approach has become a unique method of strength & movement assessment, correction and training with a blended focus on posture, technique, movement quality and strength.



    Every session is tailored individually to suit each client.



    This method can achieve truly dramatic results for those whose bodies are ready, and a match to the approach.

  • Take Mitch for example.

    When Mitch and Stu began training, Mitch had poor posture, battled ongoing neck and lower back pain, and had spent in excess of $15,000 on physical therapies over the preceding ten years in an effort to reduce his pain, improve his posture and increase his quality of life.

    Mitch Before and After

    Until Mitch began working with Stu the results had been disappointing; during their first session together Mitch shared that the weekly visits to his chiropractor provided only brief respite before the pain would once again set in.


    Mitch was a challenging case – his lower back muscles were overactive and his deep core muscles and gluteal (buttock) muscles were under-active, and it took us some time to reverse this. We also needed to strengthen Mitch’s upper back and neck, and improve his shoulder mobility. All of this needed to be done without causing his hyperactive lower-back muscles to spasm – no easy task.


    However, in under a month Mitch was able to better activate his core muscles as well as his gluteals, which allowed his lower-back muscles to relax. Our work on his upper back and neck also paid off as Mitch's neck began to release the tension it had been holding due to his poor movement patterns.

    Mitch is now the proud owner of a strong, healthy physique.


    He no longer has lower back pain.


    He hasn’t been to his chiropractor in over nine months.


    His posture has improved dramatically (he’s nearly 5cm taller!).


    And he now freely performs exercises that he previously avoided due to the pain they triggered.


    Mitch also once told Stu that he ‘genetically just had no butt muscles’. He’s now developed a proper set of glutes that are in proportion to the rest of his body.


    What The Squat Mechanic Approach achieved for Mitch isn’t magic – it’s the result of the unique blend of posture, movement quality and strength that we focus on with all our clients.


    As with Mitch, Stu analyses your current movement patterns and tailors all sessions to best achieve your long-term fitness and physique goals.

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  • The Squat Mechanic Approach

    We train your body to move better, so you can lift, look & live your best!


    Initial Assessment


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    A Tailored Approach


    Every session is created from the moment to moment information Stu gathers from you and your movements, to match you, your body, experience, needs and what you're up for on the day


    Feel (and look) Awesome


    With the right amount of work for you and your body to embed the changes, and just a little sweat, the changes will become your body's new default AND Stu will have you feeling stronger, moving better and looking incredible!

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