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    The Squat Mechanic is proudly the first and currently only practitioner in Melbourne offering Neubie-assisted training. The Neubie® is a patented direct current (DC) electrical stimulation device. It is an acronym for “neuro-bio-electric stimulator”. Using DC has several unique effects on clients including promoting and optimising the function of muscle, connective tissue, and nerves. This is achieved through the activation of the nervous system and all of the processes it controls.


    The Neubie is a quantum leap forward in our pursuit of activating sleepy or dysfunctional muscles, enabling us to improve posture, strength, and movement quality at what was a previously an unimaginable rate. We can now achieve in weeks results that previously took months or years, and can massively reduce the amount of 'homework' exercises we need to give our clients due to the long-lasting benefits being entrained so quickly by the Neubie.


    Learn more about how the Neubie can accelerate your progress here: https://www.neufit.com.au/about or book a call with us today to find out more!

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