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    Stuart Bush Squat Mechanic

    You want to be stronger, fitter, or hotter.


    Maybe you're training to dominate your favourite sport. Determined not to become frail in your later years. Aiming for first place in a figure modelling competition. Want to look good and feel confident in your own body.


    You're sick of people selling you bullshit.

    How are those 7 Minute Abs going? Exactly what was a Shake-Weight supposed to do, really? This can be a dirty industry, with no shortage of marketing gurus selling snake oil. (Shout out to my marketing guru for putting this all together for me. Hi Mitch!)

    Female Squat Mechanic

    The weirdest thing is people still buy into it.


    Even after every other too-good-to-be-true miracle exercise machine has failed them, people still buy the next one they see on late night TV.


    You're not interested in that. You have neither the time nor the patience for another bullshit ‘miracle’ product.


    Here's my marketing pitch: If you put in the work, I'll put in the work.



    Female Gym Richmond

    You know what's good for you.


    If you want to learn how to run, go to Africa and tease a lion. If you want to learn how to balance, stand on the edge of a tall building. If you want to do burpees until you can burpee no more, take up Crossfit.


    Actually, no. Don't do that.


    Really, you want to get stronger. Not because it’s easy, but because it's amazing. Whether you want to be leaner, fitter, more toned or generally just more awesome, strength is your foundation. Or at least that’s what you've heard, and you want to find out if it's true.


    You’re old, young, big, small, gay, straight, strong, weak, hot, not.


    Being your best has nothing to do with anyone else. You get that. 


    This is about you.

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  • Success Stories

    We've helped a lot of people achieve an enormous variety of physique and strength goals. Here are just a few...

    Squat Women Workout


    Physique Training

    When we started working together, Niki had already included squats into her training to develop her glutes, but only her thighs were getting bigger. This is a very common technique problem and after correcting her movement patterns we were able to change her figure significantly. She now has a butt that turns heads and sponsorship from a major fitness label.

    Max Strength Training


    Strength Training

    Max is a powerlifting champion and strongman competitor who came to us suffering back pain during some of his lifts. We worked to adjust his squat technique and improve his shoulder stability and he's now pain-free and lifting heavier than ever.

    Before and After Strength Training


    Technique Optimisation

    Marko was a gym regular but was never taught correct lifting form. Our weekly training focused on improving his understanding of lifting technique so he could get the most out of every gym session. We think the results speak for themselves here!

  • About Me

    Hi, I'm Stu. Nice to meet you.

    Stuart Bush The Squat Mechanic Richmond

    Precision is my specialty.


    I improve technique and posture so the muscles you want to develop actually work when you train.


    Ever heard somebody say 'squats are great for your butt,' but when you spend weeks grinding out hundreds of reps, nothing seems to change?


    I'm the guy who fixes that.


    New to strength training? Good. It's a lot easier to learn a movement properly the first time than to retrain a faulty movement.


    Maybe you're not new to it. Maybe you've been lifting for a while. But you’re on my website because you aren't seeing the amazing changes other people keep talking about. Your back started to hurt, your butt didn't grow. I've seen it all before. Fixed it, too.


    Maybe you've been doing this for years. You want expert coaching to prepare you for competition or to smash out a new personal best. Game on. I've coached this stuff right up to elite level, including a world-record-setting World Champion and several Australian champions. I can help you dial it in.

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